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Qdog is Your dog's online friend

the most simple way of finding the owner of a lost dog

Qdog is Your dog's online friend

the most simple way of finding the owner of a lost dog

How It Works?

it is simple


The idea of Qdog is coming from a case when I found a lost dog in spring.

It was kind and let me stroke it but didn’t trust me enough to come with me to a veterinary to read it’s chip. While I was looking around for it’s owner it gone and I never saw it again. As i’m also a dog owner I was so disappointed when I realised that I couldn’t help.

This was the time when I started thinking about a useful and working solution for similar cases.

A QR code is capable to work as an outside chip and it can contain any data what a dog owner wants to be shown for a finder if their dog is lost, like:
– dog’s photo, name, condition, behaviour, allergies
– owner’s name phone number, social media profile, online chat application, address.


the product

Qdog is made

of a strong and durable material with the QR code SUBLIMED into it and therefore the QR code has a long lifetime! I chose a special material that is strong enough to withstand hard using but very light so your dog won't even notice that Qdog is on it's neck.

The colour

of Qdog is neon yellow that provides the best visibility for your dog even from afar.

Qdog can easily

being placed on your dog's collar by the velcro on it.

There are two sizes of Qdog

1, Small size for 1 cm - 3 cms wide collars
2, Big size for 3 cms - 4,5 cms wide collars.

About the system behind the product: (Why is Qdog so special?)

All QR codes will related to my own developed online system that my company will oversee. Due to this system Qdog is not a just one time fillable code with your and your dog’s data, BUT:

– every owner can keep their data up to date by themselves anytime & anywhere.

– the owner will receive a message if someone is scanning his dog’s QR code and the message will contain the coordinates of his dog’s current location!

Every dog owner’s data are in maximum safe in our system and will never be handed over to any telemarketing companies!


Qdog will be available on soon at an introductory price.


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